Time management skills

How about your time-management skills?

Great time-management while studying for multiple subjects can be a hassle, because you’d also like to spend your time on other stuff. Here’s an idea: maybe you could make a plan: for today and for the entire semester.

Not convinced?

Then ask yourself this:
1. How well do you know yourself?

• What time of the day can you concentrate best?
• What surroudings work best for you when studying?
• Breaks: how many and how often do you take one?
• How much variation is there in your tasks?
• Free time: how much do you allow yourself?

2. Do you actually know how much time things take you?

Have you ever made an honest record of how long things take? For example me taking the bike to the station. I always forget to plan in time for looking for my keys, taking my bike out of the crowded shed and looking for a place to stall it at the station…so the 10min I calculated to get there are never enough, which results in stress, sweat and sometimes missing my train….argh. Time-management fail…The same goes for thinking you have weeks and weeks of time to study before the exam, but before you know it, the exams are here and it was a little more work than you thought. Why don’t you try keeping track of how much time all your activities take, for example using the Toggl app or using this Activity time tracker printable form. If you’ve gained some insight from this one day of tracking, you’re up for the real challenge:

For the next week, make a weekly schedule and make record of the time you spend on everything. Be brutally honest, it might shock you.

3. How much do you plan short and long-term?

• Set goals, know what you’re working towards.

• Know when your paper is due, your exam is set, the marathon you want to run is scheduled and your vacation planned.

• Make room in your head and dump your brain: put EVERYTHING on your to do list, then prioritize. Don’t spend time on thinking what else you should be doing. Then take a good look at that brain dump list. Can you divide your to-do’s in categories? Maybe then you could assign categories to weekdays. Meaning, on Mondays you only spend time doing stuff in category A, on Tuesdays only category B and so on.

• Spend 15-30 min a day making a plan for today.

• Do things at set times: they’ll become a routine and you won’t waste time debating wether or not to study today.

• Divide all the content in easy-to-manage pieces, and finish one piece at a time.

4. What is your guilty procrastination pleasure?

• We all do it – pro-cras – ti- nate ….because tomorrow just seems the best day for the task. Do you know how much time you spend and thus lose by procrastinating? And, no, “I work better under pressure” doesn’t count as an excuse. The time is NOW 🙂

5. How flexible are you?

Ok, so you might get sick, or had to help a friend in need or something came up or maybe you miscalculated the amount of time you needed…Don’t let that get to you. You’ll do better next time and build in a little flex-time. What counts is that you’re making an effort to get the most out of your time, fun – wise and study wise.
Want someone to help you set up the basics? – You know where to find me;)

Looking forward to helping you out,
Tomorrow maybe? 😉