I’ve been wondering what my next blog should be about. So many options, yet I wasn’t feeling it. And I like feeling it. I like letting the words flow easily, without a need to overthink and research and work hard. Those are the best. Written out of flow.

So, this morning, while I was dusting off my 90’s dance moves in my living room, the stereo blasting crappy happy dance music at a VERY HIGH volume (my poor toddler…) and feeling soo GOOD, it hit me.

Playfulness. That’s going to have to be the topic.

Life is too serious

Hasn’t life just gotten too serious every now and then? Soooo much on your to do list, so many aspirations, so much work to do, money to earn, bills to pay, meals to cook…
When is there time to play and do you even know how? It doesn’t have to be a big deal, or cost you a lot of time. Playing can be so much as dancing in your living room until you feel the sweat running down your back. 🙂

How liberating it can feel to go out and play, is something I experienced this past weekend. My fellow consciousness coaches, beautiful people you might have seen passing by on my insta stories, and me had the privilege of spending 24hours in a cabin in the woods. We went for a walk on a ‘barefoot trail’ (trail closest to Maastricht is here), gathered a HUGE amount of wood and made an equally huge bonfire. We cooked our meal on that fire and spent all night sitting around it, wrapped in blankets, telling each other the stories of our lives, deepening our connection and feeling the happy and the sad.


We all agreed that walking around barefoot, gathering twigs, branches, tree trunks and making that fire awakened the inner child in us, at least to some extent. Playfulness, the piece of ourselves that wants to have fun, laugh and not have a care in the world. Playfulness, the piece of ourselves that wants to make its own rules every now and then, that seeks adventure and mischief. Is it awake in you?

If you take a look at yourself, your life, do you consider yourself a fun person? By that I mean, someone who can let go and go out and play. And if you are, when do you let that playfulness out? When do you consciously connect to your sense of adventure, fun, laughter, lightness and mischief? And what could that bring you?

It hit me

To be honest with you, the thing that hit me today, was not how awesome it is to feel like a kid again. Or that having fun, laughing your ass off and being silly is so much fun.

What truly hit me, what I truly got is that playfulness sets free a huge amount of creativity. And: it sets you in motion.

Life is one big playground, if that’s what you choose to see.

So, lovely peolple, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some serious dancing to do. I’m going to surrender completely, and PLAY.

Feel like joining? Contact me here. 🙂

See ya later!

Everything is a choice.