Welcome to Maastricht! So glad you’re new in this town! How are you feeling today? Up for an adventure or slightly nervous at how you’re going to make the best of your time here?
Being new in town can be fun and nerve-racking at the same time. So much to do, explore, learn in so little time. And yet: scary to get yourself out there…
I’ve been new in town quite a few times, and it never tires. What makes it fun, though, to be new in a place? Here’s 5 reasons:

1. Hello, clean slate

No one knows your name, where you’re from and what you’ve been through. This gives you the opportunity to start off with a clean slate. No expectations, no pressure, just a big sense of freedom and new beginnings. It’s hard enough as it is to follow through when it comes to building new habits. A change of environment helps to master your mindset. The clean slate gives you the opportunity to present the new you.

2. Hello, new you

You can now update yourself and be the “you 2.0”. Be the person who accomplishes goals, who is full of confidence, who is social and open or a little bit less so, who is fit, active or whatever it is you have always wanted to be. You’re not really going to change overnight, but the way you present yourself now is how people will see you, which in turn can help you to really own this new you.

There’s always something worth improving and now you have the opportunity to enforce some of these things and make them a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Should you need any help on the matter…I’m here 😉

3. Hello, new perspective

Being in a new city gives you a new perspective on life in general. Maybe it’s the Dutch way of life that inspires you or friends you make that show you different angles on a subject. Living in a new place gives you a different point of view, literally. As does riding a bike:) Living in a new city could change the way you think about what you study, how you pass your time, what quality-time means to you and ultimately change your life. Who knows, you might end up staying here?

4. Hello, new confidence

Traveling in general and living in a new city is the best way to really get to know yourself. What you value, what your standards are. Who you are as a person and what you stand for. You will learn to rely on yourself when times are difficult, which will give your confidence a boost and will ultimately give you the feeling that you are in control of your life. You are the one that makes things happen for you and you are the one who will make your dreams come true.


5. Ready for more

By the time you’re leaving, you’ll be more comfortable in your own skin, you’ll like yourself more and have a sense of accomplishment to be proud of. You’ll have made tons of new memories and maybe some friends along the way. And most of all: you’ll be ready for a new adventure. At home or abroad. Travelling or settled. Whatever comes next, you’ll be a richer person than you were before. And I’d be happy to be of any guidance while you’re here. 🙂