Say what you do. Do what you say.

So, as some of you might remember, february was my month of completion. Read my post about completion
here. My month of getting things off my to-do list. Of filling up space in my head, in my life and in my work.

Did you set commitments with me last month? And how have you been doing so far?

March is here, International Womensday has come and gone, and on social I’ve seen so many inspired posts passing by, so many beautiful women connecting, sharing and feeling the love. Also reminding me, and the world, how good and important it is to feel the love for yourself first and foremost. Something that doesn’t always come easy to me.

Part of feeling and acting upon that selflove, is keeping my word to myself.

My score

Let’s take a look at the three commitments I made last month.
I committed to:
✓complete at least one crochet project by february 28sth.
✓delete courses that are of no use and finish at least one course this february.
✓finish at least 2 books on my list and clean up that list.

And how did I do?
♦ crochet project: 100%
I completed two crochet blankets! And made some baby mama’s very happy. Sometimes I forget how happy crocheting makes me. And how nice it feels to have the finished item in my hands! 🙂
♦ online courses: 35%
That feels like a pretty bad score. I took a look at my list of to-complete-courses, and deleted a couple of them. Then I thought about which ones might be beneficial short-term. And that was about it. What I should have done next was:
->pick one.
->commit to finishing it by february 28th.
->crucial step: set dates/timeslots in my calendar and PLAN when I would sit down to complete the course(s).
♦ books: 50%
I finished one of the two I committed to reading. That could’ve gone better. I love to read. Oftentimes I make time to read. Just not books. Somehow I end up reading articles that popped up on my facebook timeline… A good next commitment is: lower my social media time. THAT should really give me a lot of extra free time! 😉

How to recover integrity

Looking at these numbers, I think: “ouch”.
That is not the <80% score I aim for. Not the 80% or higher I NEED to have a high integrity that's the big deal, you ask? I could just attend to it this month or next, right? Sure, but I did not keep my word to myself. I did not give myself the opportunity to increase my self-esteem, my self-confidence. Setting the stage for attracting bigger and better things is being a person of high integrity. Most of all, I let myself down. Thus, creating a feeling of guilt and unease. First of all, I need to recover that lost integrity. I ask myself for forgiveness that I've broken my word. That means I acknowledge that I didn't do what I said I would do. It means I let myself down. And when I let someone down, I apologize for that. Then I ask if that person will accept my apology. I choose to treat myself no different than I treat people I love. It just so happens that I love me, so I deserve to ask myself for forgiveness. I deserve to forgive myself. For small things and big things. At this moment: I forgive myself for not keeping my word. Now, I make a promise to myself: I promise to choose my commitments carefully and to keep my word from now on. I'm making march my integrity month. <3

Completing integrity

To be 100%complete, I check with myself if there’s anything I can do to make up for possible damage caused. What comes up is that I must not start anything new before finishing book 2 and one online course.
That’s a tough one for me…although it also motivates me to finish that book & online course very soon.

As a matter of fact, I’ve already gotten started! 😉

Integrity. Such a fundamental way of being. It’s a source of energy and confidence, control and trust. Something that is worth remembering:

Integrity starts with I. I am the one who creates possibilities, space, life, I am in charge.

I choose to commit to my word, I choose integrity.

What do you choose? And how will that choice help you?
[Feel free to contact me if you’d like to achieve a higher level of integrity, energy, trust and confidence!]

Everything is a choice.