Coaching in Maastricht

Create balance, clarity and relaxation through coaching with my 3-pillar method
Making choices, exploring what you really want in your life, your work, your relationship …
Do you ever think about that?
What do you want?
And what do you feel when you make decisions?
And particularly: WHERE in your body do you feel that?

In the coaching sessions, we’ll work on your goals and towards making your wishes come true.
You’ll start to feel, visualise and do.

I stand for permanent change with my customers. You’ll get the right tools, so that you’ll be able to make choices that are right for you. Choices made in complete confidence, in complete safety and that leave you feeling proud and satisfied.

The best thing about my work is to see people walk out the door after a session filled with energy, decisiveness and confidence.

Meet the coach

I’ve been working as a coach since 2016, with both Dutch and international clients. I live and work in Maastricht with my husband and 3 children. Thanks to their love and support, I can’t only be super-woman and super-mom, but I can also continue to develop myself to be the best at what I do. Trust and safety play a major role in my life. My challenge remains to find and keep the balance of trust and safety within myself and be able to ‘give’ it to others. I am an emotional person with a passion for coaching and personal development.
Nice to meet you! 🙂


Do you need

✓ less stress
✓ better time management
✓ more flow
✓ to meet your own expectations
✓ a balanced, focused, relaxed life & workalike

Are you ready for quality time for yourself?

Focus on yourself for 50-60 minutes every other week. You get tools to implement lasting changes. You'll feel strong and happy again. You decide where you want to go. I'll help you get there.

Would you rather stay home?

Or do you live (too) far from Maastricht?
Coaching via Skype or Zoom is just as powerful as face to face. Curious? You can experience that during the meet&greet mini-session!

There's no moment like the present

Take the first step towards a new & improved you.

Plan your meet&greet mini-session now!

After 30 minutes you will already feel more energetic, satisfied and relieved than before.
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Experience a coaching session, get to know the coach and find out if you’re a match. All in just half an hour.


Gain confidence to do whatever you want. All it takes is feeling, visualising,action & about 3 months of your time.


We’ll dive deep. You’ll take matters in your own hands. Increase your power, energy and joy to be alive. Live your best life yet.

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