30 days of gratitude

The subject of gratitude has been coming back to me a lot lately. I kept reading so much about the benefits of feeling and being grateful. And also the benefits of journaling.

I had decided a while ago that journaling would be good for me. Get all these ideas I have on paper, sort my thoughts, clear my head, build a vision of where I want to go next with kopjeCoaching. How I can reach all of you better, how I can help you more and all the while take care of myself too, I’m doing this as work, so income has to be a part of it.

How I got inspired to journal about gratitude

Some time ago I listened to an inspiring talk by Robin Sharma, who said: most people live reactively, most people don’t know what 5 things you need to have done by the end of the year to make history; or when looking for a relationship: what the 10 attributes/traits of that ideal relationship are; or what the ideal vision of high ambition is. He asked: “Have you precisely calibrated that in your journal? For the happiest people I know, know
-what they stand for
-who they want to be
-what they want to do with incredible detail
They do that by journaling, because more awareness leads to better results.”

Writing a journal can help. And practicing gratitude is quite a big part of that. So I decided to sart a 30 days of gratitude challenge with myself. And to make sure that I would see it through, I shared my writing prompts on my Instastory, which you might have seen every now and then. I figured it might be inspiring to give gratitude some thought for yourself. If you’re not quite sure if journalling works for you, you could try doing 7 days of gratitude by downloading this printable download.

writing prompts

What did gratitude teach me?

What I have found is that there is SO MUCH to be grateful for. Although I knew there was a lot, but never specifically spent time on really feeling it. It used to be easiest to keep focussing on areas in which I could improve or moments when I could have achieved more or payed better attention. I spent hours longing for things that were not yet within my reach…And now…my life has dramatically changed….um, no. That would be a total exaggeration, but it has helped me shift focus.

Now, I feel happy with what I have, I feel motivated to do more, but from a good place. From abundance and willingness to share and not from compensating a feeling of lack. I choose not to focus on the lacking. I want more of what I have: more happy clients, more love, more positivity, more compassion, more smiles and more ‘happy’. And as you know: what you focus on grows. I’m ready for a growing kopjeCoaching, I’m ready for all of you: live or via skype! And I’m ready to feel more love for myself, my family, friends and the world in general, I’m ready to see the bright side only-ok, most of the time ;), to smile more often and feel grateful & happy more often. And I’m also ready to do the work that will get me there.

What’s changed?

Meditation and (gratitude)journaling are now part of my day. These are things I love to do, but hardly ever gave myself time to do. Always taking care of others first, or choosing Netflix over me-time…Now I realize I’m grateful for the peace of mind they give me. And it’s something I miss, when I don’t do it. So, my priorities on what’s good for me have changed, too. 🙂
I’m taking my work to a higher level by taking the Creative Consciouness Professional Coach training to be of more value to my clients and achieve results faster than I have so far. (For more info about Creative Consciousness check out their site.)

I’ve commited to working out more and to putting away my mobile phone after 22:30. I also want to leave my mobile phone out of reach when engaging with people. Because although I’m grateful that I have that phone, I’m also grateful to have all these wonderful people in my life who I want to give all of my love & attention to.
All in all, I consider myself happier than I was 30 days ago. Also, more focussed/less distracted, more commited and more positive. Quite a nice feeling I can tell ya. 🙂 And I’m keeping up with the journaling, too, it’s very insightful!
Should you want to smile more often & move (back) to the bright side of life: shoot me a message. Happy to coach you there!